How to use "disable-tablestats" in PMM2

Hello. I need to disable this query on master. It’s provide pretty high load. Is it some native way to configure monitoring?

SELECT t.table_schema,
column_name, `auto_increment`,
pow(2, CASE data_type
WHEN 'tinyint' THEN 7
WHEN 'smallint' THEN 15
WHEN 'mediumint' THEN 23
WHEN 'int' THEN 31
WHEN 'bigint' THEN 63
end+(column_type LIKE '% unsigned'))-1 AS max_int
FROM information_schema.columns c straight_join information_schema.tables t ON binary t.table_schema = c.table_schema AND binary t.table_name = c.table_name
WHERE c.extra = 'auto_increment' AND t.auto_increment is NOT null

Hi Stateros . I think the option you need is just released in pmm 2.2.0
Please see

for details

Thanks Roma, I will check it

It works. Thanks a lot.
It there any plans to implement other commands from the list?