Integrated ALert manager - Not sending alerts

PMM2 Integrated alerting not sending alerts

Hi - we are using integrated alerting PMM version: 2.20.0 (July 26, 2021) and don’t seem to be getting any alerts . The only alert we see are from the host that PMM2 is installed on . what am I missing here . Since its technical preview , could it be a bug with that version maybe ?
I also see these errors in victoriametrics.log file . Does it say anything ?

2021-09-14T17:28:32.589Z        error   /home/builder/rpm/BUILD/VictoriaMetrics-pmm-6401-v1.53.1/lib/promscrape/scrapework.go:237       error when scraping "" from job "rds_exporter_127_0_0_1_42018_mr-10s" with labels {instance="",job="rds_exporter_127_0_0_1_xxxxx_mr-10s"}: cannot read data: cannot scrape "": Get "": dial tcp connect: connection refused; try -enableTCP6 command-line flag if you scrape ipv6 addresses

Please suggest

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Hi Deepthi,

Could you share screenshots of used alerts?


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well even I face the Same issue. Don’t know what is wrong with PMM 2.27 version.

kalyan varma

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