Installing Xtrabackup 2.4 and 8.0 on the same server

I wish to install XtraBackup 2.4 and 8.0 on the same centos 7 server in order to continue testing restores for both mysql version 5.7 and 8.x until we have upgraded all our servers to 8.x

So the process will import a backup from storage and restore it in order to verify that the backup was successful. Naturally the process will determine which MySQL version was used and restore accordingly.

Is this feasible to have the two different versions of XtraBackup installed - any tips?

Hello @Chaos,
Yes, you can have both installed. I recommend that you use the generic download and do not install using OS package manager (eg yum/apt). Make sure you rename the binaries to something like xtrabackup24 and xtrabackup80

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