INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to download "percona/pmm-server"

$ helm install monitoring percona/pmm-server --set platform=kubernetes --version 2.7.0 --set "credentials.password=supa|^|pazz"

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to download "percona/pmm-server" at version "2.7.0"

Source: Using Percona Kubernetes Operators with Percona Monitoring and Management - Percona Database Performance Blog

I tried with tag ‘2’, which also didn’t work. So there are no helm charts anymore for PMM. Someone already wrote these?

Hi @devops-1,
The blog post you reference says the info in it is out of date. We do not have officially supported helm charts for PMM. You can try this, but it is unsupported at this time.

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We have plans to run PMM on Kubernetes which is coming this quarter BTW :slight_smile:

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