Install PMM server using Helm

I’m tryin to install PMM Server using helm charts. it seems percona/pmm-server chart doesnt exist in Percona repo

helm search repo percona

NAME                            CHART VERSION   APP VERSION                                           
stable/percona                  1.2.3           5.7.26          
stable/percona-xtradb-cluster   1.0.8           5.7.19          
percona/pg-db                   1.1.0           1.1.0         
percona/pg-operator             1.1.0           1.1.0           
percona/psmdb-db                1.11.0          1.11.0         
percona/psmdb-operator          1.11.0          1.11.0         
percona/pxc-db                  1.10.0          1.10.0        
percona/pxc-operator            1.10.0          1.10.0         
bitnami/mariadb-galera          5.6.4           10.5.9
helm fetch percona/pmm-server --version 2.7.0
Error: chart "pmm-server" matching 2.7.0 not found in percona index. (try 'helm repo update'): no chart name found

How to install it using helm?


Correct, we do not have an official helm chart for PMM. You can attempt this unsupported option, percona-openshift/Chart.yaml at main · Percona-Lab/percona-openshift · GitHub and search the forums as others have posted on this as well with workarounds.

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released :slight_smile:

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