PMM2 installation through kubernetes

Does percona monitoring and management (PMM2) now be able to support installation at kubernetes? (from docker image)

you can make it work if you write your heml chart for deployments, but it would require a lot of work.
We do not have the official way to install PMM2 server in kubernetes at the moment, but it is on our roadmap.

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Got it, thanks a lot!

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There does exist a helm chart for pmm-server (, which is referenced in We had success wrapping that one in our own helm chart via a requirements.yaml, and overriding some of the items in the values.yaml file to make it fit our environment.


Hello Luke! I feel like I have pmm2 running in Kubernetes (rancher) almost perfectly (no errors, grafana UI is all good)-- but when my Percona DB pmm-agents try to connect, they seemingly succeed (password validation works) but pmm-agent doesn’t actually secure a connection. I’m wonder if it’s something about the ClusterIP or Ingresses that are causing these connections to fail. I was wondering if you’re able to share any information about how you configured those parts? We also based our installation off of the Helm chart but did not use “LoadBalancer” for the service (our Rancher admins advised me otherwise.) Did you use the “kind: Service … type: LoadBalancer” bits verbatim from the Helm chart?