Install postgis 3.2 to service certified versions of arcgis 11.1

To work with Arcgis 11.1, the certified version of postgis is 3.2.

I can’t find this version in the repository. There is only version 3.3. How could I install the certified version? Is there a way to downgrade the version while keeping the percona repository?


Keep in mind that Percona PostgreSQL is vritually the same binary as community. The difference being about bundling specific extensions that we are able to support.

I would suggest the following:

  • Download the postgis package that is appropriate for your postgres version from the community repository.

  • Install the package via the appropriate package manager

If you have installed multiple versions of PostGIS you can create the appropriate extension in your database by explicitly listing the desired version. Refer to the SQL commands CREATE EXTENSION and ALTER EXTENSION for more information.

Here is a reference URL that might also be useful

One final note: if you haven’t done so already, the advice I’ve just given might not even be necesary if you can reach out to ArcGIS forum. I suspect (and it’s only a guess without further research) that 3.3 can work but of course it’s better if you check with the vendor.

Hope this helps.