Pg_stat_monitor readiness for PostgreSQL v15

Any date by when pg_stat_monitor will be certified for PostgreSQL v15? Thanks for the fantastic extension. If ready for v15, would be fantastic to have the documentation updated with this info. Thanks so much

Any updates on this Team Percona? Thanks :+1:

Hi Venkata,

It already does :slight_smile:
Check the following link for the Supported Versions documentation section

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Super, you guys are awesome. Thanks

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Hi There,

We are using pg_stat_monitor_15-1.1.0-1.rhel7.x86_64.rpm and unfortunately it is not working for us and there are bugs associated with it. Can you please let us know which version have you tested and is it working for you?


Hi Shirish,

I have just tried with Percona PostgreSQL 15.1 and things are working perfectly fine for me:

shell> psql
psql (15.1 - Percona Distribution)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# create extension pg_stat_monitor;
postgres=# select count(*) from pg_stat_monitor;
(1 row)

If you are having issues, please report them as bugs in the following Jira project: