Install Cloud Tools locally


I didn’t follow the cloud tools the last month, so I’m not up to date.
Is there a installable version of the cloud tools already?
(not the agent, I would like to install all of it locally on machines in our DCs)



It’s cloud service so for now we don’t have local installation of PCT available. In future, probably we will have locally install version available but there is no ETA.
If data security is one of the concern, there is option in “Query Analytics” known as “Send your application actual queries” If you disable this checkbox then cloud tool will only save query fingerprint instead of real query.

Can you be more specific on this? The way you wrote it implies that it sends the data to you, just doesn’t save it. My company stores medical data, so this sort of thing is a really big deal. And what is lost by not sending the full queries?

Let me elaborate this through example.
Original query executed on database server.

mysql> SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE name=‘irfan’ AND phone=‘9212345678’;

By default, this query will send this as it is to our cloud service but If you enable Query Analytics feature as I mentioned before then it will replace original values with ??. Something like as below:

mysql> SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE name=’??’ AND phone=’??’;

So, NO DATA BEING SENT TO CLOUD, only queries parameters.