Server not recognised as percona server


We have just installed percona cloud tools, we’re using percona server but cloud tools complains that:

We’re using percona server installed from the percona repository on ubuntu 12.04, I’m not sure what I’m missing that would help PCT recognise that we dfinitely are using percona server.



Which version of Percona Server are you using? Can you show us:

mysql> select @@version,@@version_comment;

Then paste result here. If possible send me the email address you’ve used to register on Percona Cloud Tools, send it via private message so we could check the details of your account.



Our version is:

5.6.17-65.0-587.precise-log | (Ubuntu)



Unfortunately I don’t seem to have permissions to send private messages.

Hi Steve,

I checked your account. It seems that agent is not installed or not running.
"No agents are installed. Install Percona Agent to get started. "

Did you uninstalled the percona-agent ?