Incremental Backup with MyRocks Storage Engine

We’re currently thinking about using Percona XtraBackup to backup one of our databases which uses the MyRocks storage engine. Because of the database size and type of stored data, incremental backups are important for us.

While looking at the documentation about incremental backups in XtraBackup, we saw that there is a restriction when using MyRocks. We’re concerned about the meaning of the following sentence:

Percona XtraBackup copies all the MyRocks files each time it takes a backup.

Does that mean that the binary files used by MyRocks in the OS filesystem will be copied each time an incremental backup is taken? Doesn’t that mean that there are effectively no incremental backups when using the MyRocks engine?

For more information on the impact of using MyRocks with incremental backups or how to create incremental backups with the engine, we would be very grateful!

Hi @m.meyer .

Your interpretation is correct. Incremental backups are only available for InnoDB. Other storage engines such as MyRocks/MyISAM always require a full copy.