Important note for users and customers using the logical backup feature in Percona Backup for MongoDB (PBM)

During the restore process, when using a PBM version minor than v2.4.0 and when some specific and rare conditions are met, PBM could see “commit” without any “writes” (as it would be in an “empty” transaction). As a result, during the restore process, PBM could return an “unknown transaction id” error, causing the restore to fail (PBM-1223).

This problem does not happen if you are restoring the backup with PBM v2.4.0 or higher.


We recommend all PBM users and customers that might be affected by PBM-1223 to upgrade to PBM v2.4.0 or higher and take a new backup as soon as possible. No other workarounds are currently available on earlier versions. Upgrading and taking a new backup will avoid possible problems related to this issue in the future.