I want to get pmm node status


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pmm v.2.39.0


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using pmm swagger api,


I thought Node’s Status would come out, but there was no Status.
Which swagger api should I use to get the status shown in Check on the image?

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Hi @pmmChobo,

we have new endpoint /v1/management/Node/List which contains all information about the node presented in new inventory view.

Thank you very much for your response.
I want to know the parameters and return examples for /v1/management/Node/List where can I find them

if you open /swagger endpoint in your PMM instance you should see swagger UI. By replacing swagger.yml with swagger-dev.yml on the top and clicking explore you should see all hidden APIs.
Important node: Hidden endpoints are not public and might be changed in future.

Thank you.
But it could change later, so it’s hard to use it for the service

Thanks once again.