Missing node /service in PMM Console after initial client configuration

One of the pmm clients I configured did not include node information in the console where the other two did. How do i add this back? I am configuring alerting dashboard/panels for each node to monitor wsrep status values among other things.


Hi Mike,

It’s a screenshot of monitored Services. Do you mean that one of services hasn’t shown here?

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Yes, I am actually missing two of three nodes in my cluster. Not sure how to add them back in. The missing ones have pmm clients installed and configured. Thanks.

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Trying to create an alert similar to this.

My node names would be db-app01-atl-dev, db-app02-atl-dev but they do not show up on the home dashboard.

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Could you provide an output of

pmm-admin list

command on that servers? Also could you check pmm-agent logs?

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I figured out how to add new nodes. I had one that I had deleted that still had a service attached but I was able to delete the service and re-add the node. Thanks.

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