How to use the qan only in my system?


first a big thank you to the percona stuff. I love PMM!

My english is poor, I am very sorry about that.

I have another exporter node in my CentOS7 Server before, it include linux_node and mysql_node.and now , when I install the pmm-client in my CentOS7 Server, it will install anther exporter which use the port 42000 and 42001, but I only want to use the PMMto analyze the query, I think the more exporter run in my Server , the more resource it use.

So,Please tell me ,How can I do to close the PMM exporter node to catch Server’s metrics and the MySQL’s metrics, only leave the qan agent to analyze the MySQL query?

Thank You!

My PMM version is 2.0.1,It looks much different than the
Previous version, When I use the 1.7.1, I can close the linux exporter and the mysql exporter individually, what I want to use is the qan agent.