critical bug: pmm-client 1.1.3 mysql:queries exit with status 1

I’m facing trouble while upgrading

pmm-admin add mysql --user root --password password

[linux:metrics] OK, already monitoring this system.
[mysql:metrics] OK, now monitoring MySQL metrics using DSN root:***@unix(/data/mysql/mysql.sock)
[mysql:queries] Error adding MySQL queries: problem with agent registration on QAN API: exit status 1

Hi JoyG , my apologies for not answering your post sooner. May I suggest you remove the instance, and then re-add with --verbose so we can get greater detail for why the QAN part is failing?

pmm-admin remove mysql
pmm-admin add mysql --verbose

I am currently experiencing the same output when attempting to add the mysql:queries service to a fresh pmm-client installation.
Thus far I have not found a clear solution to the problem.

My verbose output is given in the txt file.

qan_api_error.txt (11.4 KB)

Hi Pomoens,

can you give me the version of your PMM Server and PMM Client?
Do you have enough free space inside PMM Server container?
Is pmm-admin tool has been run from root rights?

according to logs your application failed during run
see for details
tool has debug flag.

can you run in debug mode and share output?
theoretically, needed command can look like this:

/usr/local/percona/qan-agent/bin/percona-qan-agent-installer -debug -mysql=false -server-user=USER -server-pass=PASSWORD PMM-IP

please use the following command if you are working via SSL

/usr/local/percona/ qan -agent/bin/percona- qan -agent-installer -debug -mysql=false -server-user=USER -server-pass=PASSWORD -use-insecure-ssl PMM-IP:443

I had same issue.

In my case, my docker mysql database was not up in docker.

so QAN was not ready to receive from client.