How to run xtrabackup on Suse 11.3, MySQL 5.5.8 for lazy people

I tried to get this to compile multiple times under 5.5.8 and kept getting segfaults. I finally just popped the RHEL rpm and used the binary.

Here’s the quick way to get this running under Suse 11.3:

1.) Download the RHEL xtrabackup for your architecture at PM/rhel5/

2.) Copy to a directory (like /tmp) and extract the rpm:
rpm2cpio xtrabackup-1.5-9.rhel5.$ARCH.rpm | cpio -idmv

3.) Copy binaries to /usr/bin:
cp ./usr/bin/xtrabackup_55 /usr/bin
cp ./usr/bin/tar4ibd /usr/bin
cp ./usr/bin/innobackupex-1.5.1 /usr/bin

4.) The stock perl causes an issue with the backup scripts version detection. Edit /usr/bin/innobackupex-1.5.1. Comment out the lines below as shown below.

$perl_version = chr($required_perl_version[0])
. chr($required_perl_version[1])
. chr($required_perl_version[2]);
#if ($^V lt $perl_version) {
#my $version = chr(48 + $required_perl_version[0])

. “.” . chr(48 + $required_perl_version[1])

. “.” . chr(48 + $required_perl_version[2]);

#print STDERR "$prefix Warning: " .

“Your perl is too old! Innobackup requires\n”;

#print STDERR “$prefix Warning: perl $version or newer!\n”;

It should work now.

Thanks for posting this. Indeed I always recommend to use the binaries that we provide. Self-compiling is highly overrated; if there is a bug, it’s harder to say whether it’s a bug in the tool or if it was compiled wrongly. Using Percona’s binaries places more of the blame on Percona when something is wrong :slight_smile: