Delete servers that no longer exist


I’ve setup PMM for a XtraDB Cluster. This has been running fine.
Now we upgraded a couple of servers and the new servers are reporting nicely in the PMM interface. However in the targets of Prometheus I still got 1 server that has been removed (and already removed physically) which is being seen as down. I want to remove this server from being polled, but I have no idea where to change this in the PMM docker. It most likely somewhere registered in a yaml file, but I can’t seem to find where.

Bare in mind I don’t have access to the old server anymore, so I can’t unregister it with the pmm-admin client.
How would the best way to remove a server that doesn’t exist anymore?

Hi RBakkum

This process should work for you:
[]Get list of nodes from Consul
curl -s ‘http://USER:PASSWORD@PMM-SERVER-IP/v1/internal/ui/nodes?dc=dc1’ | python -mjson.tool | less
]Remove node from Consul
curl -s -X PUT -d ‘{“Datacenter”:“dc1”,“Node”:“NODE-NAME”}’ ‘http://USER:PASSWORD@PMM-SERVER-IP/v1/catalog/deregister?dc=dc1
[]Remove data from Prometheus
curl -X DELETE ‘http://USER:PASSWORD@PMM-SERVER-IP/prometheus/api/v1/series?match[]={instance=“NODE-NAME”}
]Get UUID for node from QAN - select node in QAN dropdown, and copy-paste node UUID from the URL:
[*]Remove data from Query Analytics:
curl -X “DELETE” ‘http://PMM-SERVER-IP/qan-api/instances/46c294490cd4417e685d22196496a777