How to remove misconfigured node from PMM ? and Value not updated in DB uptime

Hello Percona Community,

We have configured PMM node on separate node. one node is misconfigured and due to this its shows N/A. Actual node name is vm-mysql1-prod-sa and its misconfigured with msyql1-prod-sa. Now how can i remove this msyql1-prod-sa from the pmm. and also on real mysql node why it shows db uptime NA. ? can you please help me on this.

Hello Percona Team,

I have deleted the node entry from setting > inventory > Nodes but it still show the graph on dashboard.

but dashboard still show the this node with NA.

can you please help me on this.?

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also pmm-admin inventory list nodes shows all monitored node even after removing it.

#pmm-admin inventory list nodes
Nodes list.

Node type Node name Address Node ID
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql1-prod-sa /node_id/1167799e-aa05-42b8-a49e-2b895abee08f
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql3-prod-sa /node_id/3a7297d4-716c-4d62-bb9b-a7160eef10b4
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql-con1-prod-ue2 /node_id/5a8f285b-473f-4423-b89e-65b904b6acc5
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql1-prod-ue2 /node_id/6b951f3d-8ebb-4d81-972b-00eace4f348b
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql2-prod-sa /node_id/6f5df068-4ada-44b2-bec4-aacc707d17aa
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql-con2-prod-ue2 /node_id/8f9652f3-4f5f-4c5c-8ba3-ff8041d1977b
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql-con1-prod-sa /node_id/b52867bb-cab2-49cf-b9d1-cd18f8313ac7
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql-con2-prod-sa /node_id/c6a56124-254c-4166-a95f-2f104adaf828
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql3-prod-ue2 /node_id/e352f62e-576e-4b69-94c1-1cd97f7fd31f
GENERIC_NODE vm-mysql2-prod-ue2 /node_id/f09bdf88-e766-4c61-abe0-30baa13ec04c
GENERIC_NODE pmm-server pmm-server

PMM dashboard shows deleted nodes.

Also mysql instance overview shows 5 Services while drop down list shows 6 services.

Please help me on this configuration.

Hello! Can you show “Services” in Inventory? Seems, like you delete node, but didn’t delete service.

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Hello @Anton_Bystrov ,

reconfigure the pmm client on vm-mysql1-prod-sa node.

# pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://admin:******@pmm-serverip:443 mysqlnode_IP --force

# pmm-admin add mysql vm-mysql1-prod-sa --username=pmm --password=** --query-source=perfschema**

PMM home dash board shows this unwanted entry.

@Anton_Bystrov also while checking innodb details for each node it shows N/A

Please, try to remove this service from UI, with force, like here.

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Hey Anton thanks for reply.

But that service not seen in UI as i have already deleted previously and created new one using above command… i have just created new service with vm-mysql1-prod-sa. and unwanted node on dash board shows with mysql1-prod-sa.

Can you change look behind window to less interval? Not 12 hours.


Okey. but now we have total added node in PMM is 6 Mysql DB nodes + 1 PMM DB + 4 other server = total 11 node (7 db node + 4 other node). but PMM monitored node shows only 10. also for every node it not shows data for innodb (N/A).


Check, please, metric “mysql_info_schema_table_version” do you have it? What labels do you have in it? Do you have label “engine=“InnoDB””? Also at the “Monitored nodes” graph line is down, some time ago one node was off.

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where i can find this mysql_info_Schema_table_version??

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At left menu



i could not find that matric.

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hello Percona PMM team,

I have install pmm-server on new server and add mysql node but facing same issue on new fresh installation also. could not find the mysql_info_schema_table_version in matric and PMM does not load innodb storage summary and many details. i have reconfigured all.

#pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://admin:pmmpassword@pmm_node_ip:443 mysql_node_ip

#pmm-admin add mysql vm-mysql3-prod-ue2 --username=pmm --password=pass --query-source=perfschema

root@vm-mysql3-prod-ue2:/home/tungsten# pmm-admin add mysql vm-mysql3-prod-ue2 --username=pmm --password=***** --query-source=perfschema
MySQL Service added.
Service ID : /service_id/09932419-d074-4a3c-87bf-d5e8cbe08a39
Service name: vm-mysql3-prod-ue2

Table statistics collection disabled (the limit is 1000, the actual table count is 1952).

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Try to increase limits, please. Optimize - Percona Monitoring and Management

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@Anton_Bystrov Thank you so much for your assistance resolving the issue. At last after 3 days figure out issue.

#pmm-admin add mysql vm-msyql3 --username=pmm --password=****** --query-source=perfschema --disable-tablestats-limit=4000

Now data populated for innodb.

Thanks Again.
Pavankumar. :slight_smile: :heart:

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