How to install Percona MySQL including Percona Xtradb Cluster

Hi there

How to install percona mysql 5.7 including percona xtradb cluster 5.7…?

should i install both the softwares separately…?

Hi @AneeshBabu

You should install PXC only.

How to do this you can read here:

Hi @Evgeniy_Patlan

What if Percona MySQL 5.7 is already installed…,then how can i install Percona Xtradb Cluster 5.7…?

Is there any separate procedure for this …?


You can install only one of them on the same host.

Hi @AneeshBabu

It is not possible to install them together on the same host.

If you have installed Percona-Server , then you need to uninstall it and install Percona-XtraDB-Cluster