How to change node name?


Hello folks,

I used

pmm-admin config --server-url=‘

to add the node into my PMM-server.

But the node name is automatically assigned to something like “ip-172-33-99-233”, which is not helpful at all. So I wanted to change the node name, but after a long search, I wasn’t able to find a solution.

I did came across this post, but still can’t find anything that works.

Please help.


pmm-admin accepts three positional arguments, the third one being responsible for setting the node name. You can check out the syntax by running pmm-admin config --help. The output will look like the following:

Usage: pmm-admin config [<node-address> [<node-type> [<node-name>]]] [flags]

Therefore, you can do:

pmm-admin config --server-url=“” my-ip-address generic my-node-name

The third positional argument is exactly what you are looking for.

However, changing the node name is still not supported. So, to change the node name you’d have to stop the agent, run pmm-admin config again and then start the agent.