How to change instance id


I’ve used pmm from amazon image, but then moved the instance to new one, thus instance id has changed.

Nothing but landing page works now: I see
{“message”:“Basic auth failed”} error, while my user/passwords are correct.

How can I trigger instance id change without loosing configuration for pmm agents?


Can you clarify how exactly did you move PMM to the different instance size so we can test it ?

DmytroKh , did you changed IP of your PMM server too?

Hi DmytroKh,

AWS can change IP adresses during instance stop/start.
when you run PMM on AWS it is mandatory to use Elastic IPs for pmm-server and all pmm-clients, because both sides store IPs in config files.

instance-id change itself cannot broke anything, but during migration it is possible to lose one of EBS volumes or Elastic IP.


we did a server image and create the new instance from it.
public ip hasn’t changed since we use elastic ip, but private ip changed along with instance id.

looks like .htpasswd and grafana database desync :frowning:
have you created an image from volume snapshot or from running instance?

from running instance

So, how do we fix .htpasswd and grafana database desync ?

in general - it is needed to understand the reason why you received desync after screenshot recovery.
anyway, you can try to run

pmm-configure -grafana-db-path /srv/grafana/grafana.db

it should sync users in htpasswd and grafana database