How to change graph dashboard domain name and generate new SSL certs for new domain?

I am trying to change PPM graph domain which is on port 8080 to new domain name. I don’t know in which config file should I do that and I am not sure how to generate new SSL certs for that domain. I am running PPM in Docker container.

Hello @qwerty,

The domain is configured by you. You simply create an A or CNAME record in your local DNS and point that to the IP of your host. In PMM Advanced Settings, set the domain name.

by “local DNS” you probably mean at dashboard of domain provider?

Also, how to automatically generate and renew SSL? I dont want every few months generating SSL certs with OpenSSL command and copy-pasting it to /srv/nginx in Docker.

Also, is there a way to change domain without access to domain provider dashboard?

EDIT: It seems that my new domain works since when I enter I can hit dashboard but Im getting error saying:

You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

This is browser problem. Google for answers on this.

You can generate certs one time with 10 year expiration, or you can use a service like LetsEncrypt which generates 60 day certs and handles auto-renewal when configured correctly in crontab.

Yea, true. Found out that its because Im using self-generated certificates.

Since Im running Percona in Docker container, LetsEncrypt must be installed on Docker, not host? Also, LetsEncrypt makes 2 files, .key and .pem. But Percona needs 4 keys mentioned in docs.

You can run it on the host, and bind-mount a directory into the container. Or yea, install it into the PMM container (which is probably easier overall).

The .pem files will be all you need. You can extract the 4 different files from these pems.