How to Build Customized metrics in PMM2.

Hi Team,
1)I want to add a graph in Query Analytics dashboard as like PMM1 with server selection option.
please find attached screenshot(attached screenshot is of PMM1) which I want to add in PMM2 as like PMM1.
2)If it’s not possible within the Query Analytics dashboard. how can I add these metrics with this service name selection option? 

Hi Sujit,
when I open the dashboard settings and make dashboard to “editable”, then I see the variables and all other settings like in PMM1.
When I click on the “$node_name” variable, I can see its settings.
Changing the “Hide” option to empty makes the variable visible on the dashboard top and I can select a specific host.Is that what you were looking for?
I’d suggest saving the dashboard under a different name if you change anything from the default settings.

Thanks for the inputs steffen,
this solution worked for me.