How do I get Qan postgresql pgstatements agent to run on AWS RDS?


Qan postgresql pgstatements agent fails to run in AWS RDS Aurora.

Steps to Reproduce:

I followed the install process and pg_statement extension is setup and good


Current version: 2.40.1 (October 20, 2023 UTC)



  • created_at=2023-11-01T16:15:42.357152Z
  • is_password_set=true
  • pmm_agent_id=pmm-server
  • service_id=/service_id/804b268b-2be7-4fde-ae86-658c971c13b4
  • username=pmm
  • updated_at=2023-11-01T19:09:00.091383Z

Expected Result:

Actual Result:

Additional Information:

I know AWS doesn’t allow us to run pg_stat_monitor, but it’s not using pg_statements ext.
Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I need to get this working.