Get the full sql query in the query analytics view


what can i do to get the full sql query in the query id overview, it’s sometimes cropped:

Are you looking at the ‘Example’ tab? If not, click the query in the table, then below that, click the ‘Example’ tab. You can click-drag downward to select the query as scrollbars are not always visible.

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thanks for the hint with the example tab - this helps at least to show more - but this also seems to be limited somehow - it ends with … in some cases →


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What is the source of your query log in PMM? If you are using performance_schema, PMM can only read what is visible in the p_s tables which may be truncated by the server. If you are using slow log, then you should open a bug report on this.

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performance_schema - i guess it’s not recommended, if even possible - to make it not truncate? Or is there a variable to work with this setting?

Thanks in advance.

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The current limit is queries 2048 bytes in size and we truncate after that. There is a ticket to allow that max to be user configurable but not yet prioritized for any near-term pickup.