Partial Query Display Issue in Percona: Full Query Not Visible

I’ve successfully installed the Percona server and configured the Percona client with the server. The client has been added to the server without any issues. However, I’ve encountered an inconvenience: when slow queries are displayed, hovering over the query does not reveal the complete query text. Additionally, I’m not receiving examples and explanations as depicted in the attached image. To provide context, I have included an image illustrating the situation. I would highly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

That is expected behavior. The hover over is only a quick glimpse.

That is a different issue. If you have not seen any examples in 2 hrs, please let us know and we can dive deeper.


I’ve encountered a situation where I have examples and explanations for some queries, but not for others. My intention is to forward slow queries to our development team. In order to do that effectively, I need to be able to view the complete query. If the complete query isn’t visible on the query analytics page, could you please guide me on where I can locate the full query?

Your assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated, as it would provide valuable help to both my team and me.

Thank you.

This is available under ‘Examples’. Again, when you hover over, that is meant only as a preview. The full query is available under ‘Examples’.

If you are not seeing anything under ‘Examples’, then there is a different issue that must be resolved. How long has PMM been running against this server?

In the examples tab, I didn’t get the full query, and For some queries, it shows “Sorry, no examples found for this query” Message Like This. Check the below images for reference.

I want a full query to send developers. Please Help me with this.

Please can anyone help me with this?

Hi, is this for MySQL ? if yes, what’s the source used for QAN: Slow Log or Performance Schema?

@Rajesh_Gandhavarapu , please see -max-query-length parameter when you adding DB.
This feature was introduced in PMM 2.32.0 - Percona Monitoring and Management

Hi Daniel,

Yes, we are using MySQL and QAN is Performance schema.

Hi Roma,

we installed PMMVersion: 2.39.0. where can I find this option -Max-query-length

@Rajesh_Gandhavarapu please see the documentation for pmm-admin - PMM Administration Tool - Percona Monitoring and Management
The flag in this command.