Percona Cluster helm 1.10.0 start error

I have k8s cluster 1.21 - if i want to install 1.9.0 - no problem - all pods are working. but if I want to install 1.10.0 I have
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-0 2/2 Running 0 115m
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-1 2/2 Running 0 114m
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-2 2/2 Running 0 114m
my-db-pxc-db-pxc-0 3/3 Running 0 115m
my-db-pxc-db-pxc-1 2/3 CrashLoopBackOff 18 83m
my-op-pxc-operator-558bbcf466-6wzqn 1/1 Running 0 116m
kubectl describe pod -n percona10 my-db-pxc-db-pxc-1
Warning Unhealthy 49m (x12 over 83m) kubelet Readiness probe failed: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)

  • [[ ‘’ == \P\r\i\m\a\r\y ]]
    How can I solve it?
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Hello @safetylab1976 ,

I will need a bit more info here.
I can run our operator on GKE or EKS 1.21 with no issues.

Could you please share more details about your k8s cluster and deployment for the operator and the DB cluster (cr.yaml)?

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Hello! I’m having the same issue. I followed the instructions indicated here: Install Percona XtraDB Cluster using Helm to install the operator in Azure AKS 1.22.6 and have the same problem described above. The first node start correctly, but the second one never goes up due to a readiness probe error::
Readiness probe failed: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’
Can you help me please? @spronin

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I was able to reproduce it on AKS. The installation with kubectl through regular YAMLs work fine.

I created the following JIRA ticket to track this: [K8SPXC-996] Helm chart installation fails - Percona JIRA

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Hey folks,

we have a fix in this PR: K8SPXC-996 - Fix TLS cert generation and update PXC images for 8.0.25 by tplavcic · Pull Request #129 · percona/percona-helm-charts · GitHub

I checked and it worked for me. If you have a chance - please give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

git clone -b K8SPXC-996
cd percona-helm-charts/charts
helm install --values pxc-operator/values.yaml --namespace=helm-test pxc-op ./pxc-operator
helm install --values pxc-db/values.yaml --namespace=helm-test pxc-db ./pxc-db
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