Feature Spec Review - Add support for replication to remote site for DR


Disaster recovery protocols are the key to business continuity. Running a database in a single data center or region might lead to complete data loss. Recovering from backups in another region is an option, but is not enough for low recovery time objectives (RTO).
To solve these problems a new feature will be added to Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator - asynchronous replication between two clusters. Setting up asynchronous replication from another site (Replica) and exposing PXC nodes (Main).


We at Percona created the specification document which describes our vision and use cases for this feature. The google doc is available publicly here.
We would appreciate the review, ideas and comments from our users and the community!


Thank you all for reviewing the spec and putting your comments in, it was extremely helpful.
We improved the spec and consider it approved.

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