Failed connections to remote proxysql host

I have Percona Proxysql and Percona Cluster configured and working. My issue is that I cannot connect a remote application to the proxysql port that should reconcile to the cluster. If I am on the proxysql host it works fine.

This is run from the proxysql host iad-app02
i.e. mysql --user=proxysql_user -p --port=6033 --host=iad-app02 -Works ok.

If I run the same command from a remote application host, it fails as if it was trying to open Mysql on iad-app02.

[root@iad-app01 ~]# mysql --user=proxysql_user -p --port=6033 --host=
Enter password:
ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (113)
[root@iad-app01 ~]#

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Hi, I’d start by checking if you can reach port 6033 from iad-app01. Also check in proxysql config if you are binding to localhost only.

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