Export/Import pmm2 alerts


Is there any chance to export and import all alerting settings (alert rule, contact points, notification policies) from one to another PMM ?

I created some test dashboard and panel. Added alerting for it and when extracted the JSON and imported it to another env, it copied just dashboard + panel, without alert.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Ani_Ghoghoberidze , unfortunately export functionality available only since Grafana v9.4 and PMM still on Grafana v9.2. However it seems that community created couple scripts as a workaround. Please check this thread, maybe you will find something useful: NGalert / Grafana 8 alert feature: How to export / import alerts as yml/json? - #42 by robertjfclose - Alerting - Grafana Labs Community Forums

P.S. We are working on next major PMM release now and there we will have fresh Grafana version.

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