Errors using mysql datadir snapshot from another node

I’m evaluating a Percona xtradb 5.6 cluster of 3 nodes in AWS environment. I’m using ec2-consistent-snapshot with --mysql option to issue FTWRL, and make a EBS snapshot of the data. However when a snapshot was made on node 1, and then node 2 is relaunched using that snapshot, the cluster would break.

Through trial-and-error I’ve found that this is caused by reusing auto.cnf and gvwstate.dat files in mysql datadir, which would contain ids of node 1, and the issues were caused by another node trying to join with ids of a node already in cluster. Removing the said files appears to have fixed the issue and now nodes go up and down as expected.

My question is: did I do the right thing? Do I need to remove auto.cnf and gvwstate.dat before using another server’s datadir? Do I need to do anything else? What’s the standard practice for this sort of thing?

could you share those error logs?

besides removing those files mentioned, I believe you could change on my.cnf