MySQL directory on Node corrupted

Good evening oracles!

I have had a look through the forums but can’t my scenario (apologies if it is here somewhere).

I have a situation with a XtraDB cluster I have running (master-master-master).

The issue I have is that the cluster is running with 2 nodes at the minute as one of the nodes ran into an issue and subsequently the mysql directory has been emptied.

SO! MySQL directory is completely empty now (all files had been manually deleted as there were corrupted (this didn’t affect the clusters data, thankfully)).

Am I right in saying that I can go ahead and just start this node with the standard “systemctl start mysql” and the Cluster will take care of the rest, IE. the newly added node will get all required files from the cluster before it is fully synced and writable?

Any advice or pointers would be great.

Thanks heroes!