Error: no progress from leader, backup metadata not found--


Version: 1.6.1
Platform: linux/amd64
GitCommit: aebbc24a03f21f9ddee6ebb72f510ff1d1c58fdc
GitBranch: release-1.6.1
BuildTime: 2021-11-03_12:12_UTC
GoVersion: go1.16.9

we have 1 primary node, 1 secondary node, 1 hidden node. I have just installed pbm agents on secondary nodes. when i try to take backup on secondary - i get this error.

Error: no progress from leader, backup metadata not found

the agent corresponding to the primary node must be up & running for the backup to work? Please confirm.
I would like perform backup on secondary nodes not on primary.
so do i need to install agents on all primary, secondary & hidden nodes.?

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Hello, even if you are not going to run the backup on the primary the agent is required. Check Configuration file options — Percona Backup for MongoDB 1.8 Documentation
for details about how to select the nodes that run the backup.

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Is it possible to run remotely. I mean installing the agent on another server and try to run backup from source database by specifying mongodb-uri pointing to source.

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