Endless 211119 22:13:04 >> log scanned up last lsn on slave mysql instance

Dear percona developer ,

Here is an issue during percona xtrabackup-24 2.4.24 make a full backup with mysql 5.6.50 with CentOS 7.6 box .
. This DB insances is a slave with 760Gb files , and rencently we got an endless 211119 22:13:04 >> log scanned up to … issues during taking an full backup .
Here is our backup script ,
innobackupex --defaults-file=/home/localssd/3306/my.cnf -u ${db_user} --password=${db_user_password} -P ${db_port} ${full_backup_dir} --no-timestamp --no-lock --parallel=${backup_parallel_thread_num} --compress --compress-threads=${compress_thread_num} --compress-chunk-size=${compress_chunk_size} .

above script even ran 20 hours with endless log scanned up to … issues and this last lsn # will be larger , event stop the slave ,and backup still did not endup .

is there any advices on this issue , big thanks for your help .

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All , thie case is solved by me. I trace these innodbbackupex threads and insight which files are related with sync issue . cd /proc/pidof/innodbbackupex/fd ,then after excute ls -l , two tables were blocked , maybe be the meata data lock and failed to execute script systemctl restart mysqld . after restart the whole machine . Then full backup success to finished

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