Duplicate Replica Sets for the Same Server or Service_Name in the Replication Summary dashboard


How can I login and check the Victoria Metrics DB tables? I would like to check the replication Set details, including where and which table it is storing.

Can you please share with me the commands, how to login, and how to perform the DML (select, update,DELETE) operations?

Hello @Naresh9999 , there are 2 options:

  1. A dashboard in grafana called Explore
  2. open VM UI by calling /prometheus endpoint.

Hi @nurlan

Thanks for the details. but actually I am facing the duplicate issue in the Replication Summary dashboard.

The same server shows two different replica sets.

Actaul Replica Set:

Wrong Replica Set:

Actually, we wrongly added the replica set name " * YDSARC-BI-RE", After some time, we realized and changed the replica set name to *“YDSARC-BI-REP”. But actually, it should show an actual replica set named “YDSARC-BI-REP” but why is " YDSARC-BI-RE" replica duplicating for the same server?

NOTE: Even in the inventory its showing replica-set name as “YDSARC-BI-REP

Can someone please help me with the above issue?

Can someone please help me with the above issue?

Hi @Naresh9999, we use Victoria metrics data to generate those filters, so when retention period is passed that cluster should disappear.

Thanks @nurlan for the update.

Sure, we will wait until the retention period is passed.

@Naresh9999 you also can try to remove mysql_up metrics for your replication set using VM API VictoriaMetrics · VictoriaMetrics.

@nurlan But how can I delete a replica set named *“YDSARC-BI-RE ” that I don’t want?

@Naresh9999 Theoretically, removing metrics using mysql_up{replication_set="YDSARC-BI-RE"} should remove that replicaset from the dashboard.


Is the below command correct?[]=mysql_up{replication_set=“YDSARC-BI-RE”}

@Naresh9999, I think the link should be[]=mysql_up{replication_set=“YDSARC-BI-RE”}

Hi @nurlan

Let me try this and update you.