Pmm , prometheus and victoria metrics

Hey there, I am using PMM 2.28.0 , and prometheus was replaced by victoria metrics from PMM 2.12, so my doubt is ,
1.why is the logo of prometheus still preserved even after it being replaced?
2. Victoria metrics supports pull and push models both, so how do I know when is the metrics being pulled or pushed from the server, is there anyway to find that out?
3. Suppose my one pmm client is down , how will the pmm server/victoria metrics still scrape the metrics? Is that possible?
4. and also is pmm client being down because of connectivity and unregistering that particular node the same? or different?

Thank you

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  1. Victoria Metrics replaced PMM’s internal storage. Grafana (not a Percona product) continues to support Prometheus databases as additional data sources. This is why the Prom logo is still there.
  2. pmm-client status will show you if vmagent is in push or pull mode. The default is push.
  3. If a PMM client is down, then neither Prom/VM can scrape. Simple.
  4. Unregistering a node requires a manual step to remove it, or 30 days of not receiving any data. Just because a network blip occurs does not remove the node from PMM server.
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@matthewb Thanks for clearing my confusion , But pmm-client status command does not exist and when i run
pmm-admin status , this is what I am getting , this does not show anything about pull/push
PMM Server:
Version: 2.28.0

PMM Client:
Connected : true
Time drift : 1.063076ms
Latency : 571.854µs
pmm-admin version: 2.28.0
pmm-agent version: 2.28.0
/agent_id/23971c5c-0c39-495e-b01d-b5f113a98752 vmagent Running
/agent_id/8f32dafd-056f-4be7-9e9f-01ec8c3bd3c0 mysql_perfschema_agent Running
/agent_id/95d34efb-e02c-4bb9-83e2-8ddc7b541aa2 node_exporter Running
/agent_id/b55bf80e-5003-4035-a6ba-bc19c0285a25 mysqld_exporter Running

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What about pmm-admin list ?

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@matthewb works , thank you

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@matthewb , hey is there any document that i can refer to where all these commands are listed and explained more briefly?

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