Dump Directly from datadir


I have the datadir from a crashed server and I need to restore it on a new server. I’m looking at xtrabackup because I understand it can dump/backup directly from the datadir without an online server?

When I try to start the server (on new hardware), I get:

230709 1:54:15 InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 128.0M
230709 1:54:15 InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool
InnoDB: Error: checksum mismatch in data file ./ibdata1

I’ve kept the default innodb conf on the new server, since I didn’t find any configs on the old server. Any suggestions would be much appreciated - basically if there’s someway to dump from offline innodb (I expect the myisam tables will work fine).

Much appreciated,


Hello Praxis,

Xtrabackup can’t take backup from offline mysql server, hovewer it’s not required any backup tool to make it possible.
All you need to accomplish this is to copy datadir to another server where you have same version of mysql as on source node, copy my.cnf + update server_id, log_bin_basename log_bin_index relay_log_basename relay_log_indexand maybe report_host and report_port variables in config, also you need to delete auto.cnf from datadir. After making these changes, you may start MySQL.

Denis Subbota.
Managed Services, Percona.

Hello @praxis,
Where did you read this? PXB does indeed require a running MySQL server. PXB provides online, hot, backups. If you shut down MySQL, you can’t run PXB, but you don’t need to because MySQL is stopped. When MySQL is stopped, you can just copy the datadir to another machine. But that causes MySQL to be offline. PXB allows you to take a backup without shutting down MySQL.