Xbstream and custom data dir

So apparently xtrabackup with ‘–stream=xbstream’ discards “DATA DIRECTORY” clause from “tables created externally” (as it is called in mysql docs).
I didn’t find any mention of this behaviour in xtrabackup documentation, are there any?
What are the mechanics causing this?
I don’t think there are ways to change this clause apart from full ALTER or maybe binary editor.

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Hi @korjjj ,

Can you please share in which PXB version you are seeing this issue?

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I stumbled on it twice in a row with quite large dataset in a recent task,
and also I had similar problems before, so I switched to non-streaming backup.

But the thing is I can not reproduce it in a test setup now.

Used xtrabackup-24 (I think) for dump/prepare/copy-back.
There were different versions of mysql involved (5.6->5.7->8.0).

I’ll post an update if I’ll repeat this.

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