Does percona's hot backup do a backup of sharded cluster with multiple configsvrs and shards?

I have a sharded instance containing total size of 3.5 TB.
I’m trying to do a hot backup of it using method mentioned here Hot Backup
But I’m not sure if it can handle the sharded instance as well.
Also, Is there a way to restore a backup directly from s3 bucket? just like we can stream backup directly to S3.
Can someone please clarify these.

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Hi Siva.

What excellent timing - last week we released PSMDB (Percona Server for MongoDB) v4.4.6-8 which includes some new aggregation pipeline commands $backupCursor and $backupCursorExtend. And today my blog post on it was published: Experimental Feature: $backupCursorExtend in Percona Server for MongoDB - Percona Database Performance Blog

Using $backupCursor allows you to get a consistent hot backup the same as createBackup already does. Using $backupCursorExtend as well is the new part - it will allow you to add a bit more to match up the time between the nodes you’re backing up from each shard and a configsvr node.

This aggregation pipeline operations are not easy to use as createBackup though, but given you have > 1TB of data to backup I think you more or less need to use a hot backup method.

Anyhow please see the blog post.