Percona MongoDB: Difference between hot backup and backup using mongo dump

Hello team,

I see that percona mongodb has a feature -hotbackup which can be initiated within the shell from admin database.

  1. How different is it when compared with mongo dump ?
  2. The user manual states that there is no point in time recovery? In this case should we use mongdump to backup the OPLOG ?
  3. Do we have any other alternatives in percona?

For more information about how the PSMDB hotbackup works, it was added to PSMDB from the WiredTiger original hot backup.

This is the best method for true PIT recovery for MongoDB Community and PSMDB.

The most popular backup method we see for MongoDB is mongodump with oplog. A second option is snapshotting. We have not-yet-supported tool in our Percona lab for MongoDB consistent backups that may help automate this process if you are interested.