Does percona toolkit and xtrabackup support ipv6?

hi, I want to know if the Percona toolkit and xtrabackup support MySQL server which uses ipv6,
I can not find any useful information in the documentation,
thanks in advance.

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Hi @romber thank you for posting to the Percona forums! You should expect that PT and PXB both support IPV6, you’re right hte documentation doesn’t call it out expressly but I found over 200 issues in Percona JIRA dealing with IPV6 support. :+1:"ipv6"

hi, @Michael_Coburn , thanks for you reply,
can I take it as an official answer which is NO?
I need a clear answer.

Hi @romber !

Did you test it? That will give you 100% assurance whether it works for your use case or not.

Otherwise, I would say that YES is the answer, the tickets I linked to earlier were mostly in status DONE so it appeared to me that the two software products do in fact support IPV6. :+1:

No, I didn’t test it yet, it’s a little bit hard for me to build a full ipv6 environment, and test various, complicated scenes, so I’d prefer to get a direct answer from the official site. I’ll take YES as the answer, thanks again.