Detailed Build Instructions (or aarch64 container and packages)

I would very much like to run PMM server container in an aarch64 host, and ideally have an aarch64 rpm package for pmm-client as well.

I am not afraid of building it myself, but I cannot seem to find any documentation on building all the individual components, particularly the modified ones, that for part of the PMM server, nor have I been able to find any source RPMs or .spec files.

Could you perchance share these? Or at least provide aarch64 packages?

I have finally figured this out for pmm-client. Due to the way the sources are provided and the various ways in which they can be subtly broken, here are working source and binary rpms for aarch64.

I hope this helps anyone else looking to use pmm-client by building it from source or on any platform other than x86-64.