How to compile PMM 2.x for Arm64?

Hello Percona Team,

I am trying to compile (as I don’t find binary) for AWS c6 Instance type (ARM64). I tried to follow various links (blog post on Percona - 2 years ago and gist script) without success.

It seems like many things are changed since 2 years and I am getting various Go errors making release with latest code.

If anyone can guide me further would be really helpful!

Best Regards,

Just to update that I’ve followed:

Steps to compile PMM v2 client on AWS EC2 ARM · GitHub


Compiling Percona XtraBackup for ARM - Percona Database Performance Blog

Anyone, please?

Hi there,
I have the same issue. I’m using arm instances and develop in mac m1. Thus would be nice to have arm docker images of pmm.
While trying to build one, I got surprised with the lack of instructions to build pmm server docker images.
Would be nice to have instructions to build it.

Just to add, there is discussion from 2018 around that:

Unfortunately, it appears to me that there are no plans for supporting arm64.

Something that got me sad is that the BUILD_FROM_SOURCE instructions are not present for the newer version (8) as it is for version 5 Installing Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 - Percona Server for MySQL

Sadly, these red flags are a showstopper for me.