Data not being replicated when using Kamailio's "kamdbctl create"

Hello everyone. Pardon me if this question has been posed before, but there doesn’t seem to be a search function on this forum.

I’m running a simple three node XtraDB Cluster setup with xtrabackup as the SST method, with the SIP server Kamailio running on each node as well. All three nodes are connected and running as nodes in the cluster properly, confirmed by creating a database, a table, and records within that table on various nodes and then verifying that the changes propagated to all nodes.

However, when I run a specific application (kamdbctl create) for Kamailio that creates the database, tables, and base records required for kamailio’s operation, only the node that the program is run on gets the actual data that is inserted into the tables. All other nodes show the structure of the database and tables, but not the records required.

Has anyone had this issue? If so, can you help me? If not, is there any advice you might have to help me troubleshoot why this might be occurring?

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 and the latest Percona XtraDB (and associated packages) available for that distro.
Sherwood McGowan

Google pointed me to the right answer, which was on here. Does anyone else wish there was a search function on the forum, or maybe have I just missed it?