my percona xtraDB cluster 8.0.19 do not replicate well


I found sth funny about my percona xtraDB cluster 8.0.19, I can create database and it is replicated to other members, but not tables inside, any reason why on this?

wrep status shows normal.

what I can say is , before that when I restore data from xtraDB cluster 5.7.x and probably data sent too large, the cluster drop off 2 twice !

first time is node 1 need to restart, and the second one is node 2 need to restart, now they seems unsync in this way, how to fix it?

Hi DBA100,
Unfortunately this is sounds like a complicated issue that cannot be resolved over forum posts. I highly suggest you contact our Support department for assistance on this matter.

then they will bill me! 
what I experienced is , just reboot the node out sync, which monitoring variable said it is synced, then it solved!
and I just restore DB yesterady and this make cluster broke down twice!

So, everything is OK now?

yeah! any global variable you suggest me to avoid this ? and what value should it be ?
cluster nodes has to reboot many time for data to be REAL sync… amazing/

Without knowing your setup, schemas, etc, I can’t provide much help. I don’t really know what your original issue was. Do you have any MyISAM tables? These will not replicate data within the cluster. Switch them to InnoDB.

"Do you have any MyISAM tables? "
“These will not replicate data within the cluster. Switch them to InnoDB.”:
good information tks.

but how to change without impacting data?

the problem is , sometimes even user login can’t replicate well and has to reboot out synced nodes! that user login is not in MYISM table …

If you have to reboot nodes to get them to sync, that’s usually indication you have MyISAM tables. MyISAM tables will only sync on SST. Run this “SELECT table_schema, table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE engine = ‘MyISAM’ and table_schema != “mysql”” to see if you have any.
If you’re still having issues after that, I suggest you grab a support contract with Percona to assist you further.