percona clister not replicating new created database

I am running a percona xtradb cluster of three nodes (per1, per2, per3). So far everything is working as expected however i an having an issue. I created a new database “testdb” on one of the servers (per1) and then i also created a new user “testuser” and gave full permissions on the new database.

Thing is the new database is not replicated on the other servers. I have checked my.cnf and i dont see anywhere specifying a specific database to be replicated. Apart from this, so far the other databases are properly replicated.

Any ideas?

Just saw that there was a file inside mysql/cond.d that was full of replicate-do-db statements jene why no replication of relevant database was not working. I have another question. How do you proceed from there?

Do you include replicate-do-db for the new db
reload mysql service
create database

Could this cause any issue since the database is not yet created or should you first create the database and then modify the config to include replicate-do-db

Which version of PXC are you using? Is it possible you created a MyISAM database? MyISAM databases are not replicated in PXC.