Customize Dashboard Layout

We recently installed PMM Server and added to it ~30 DB servers for monitoring. The graphs are pretty and all, but the layout of the overview page could be much improved. Aside from CPU and RAM graphs (which are unneeded), everything is just a number sitting in a box 5x as the height of the text. Not very efficient at all… Only 9 lines fit on a a 1920x1080 screen so there’s more than 3 screens to scroll through to see everything; very inconvenient. We would like to decrease the row height so that the basic stats for all DBs can be seen at once allowing to see at a glance for example if a DB server has recently restarted. How can we get the row height under control? Ideally it should look like a spreadsheet.

It seems that 1.10 was released just after I asked this question and it allows resizing elements on the dashboard. However, this is very limited and still far from what is desired. Only a small amount of vertical space may be removed, less than half, because there is some large fixed padding above the value which will cause the value to disappear instead of shifting up if the box is sized too small. Worse, there is a thoroughly useless arrow above each line which could collapse the line but which adds as much wasted space as what can be removed from the line, so no net difference. I want to collapse that blank space, not the row of elements, FFS. Also, the editing method is pretty lame; resize drag a dozen elements for each and every row, so manually resize ~400 boxes and can’t even make them the desired size. Where is the setting for the default box height as some editable value?