How do remove the individual rows for each host on the Home Dashboard? (PMM2)


I would like to remove the individual rows for each host on the Home Dashboard.

I tried editing the JSON directly as clicking on each one manually would take a lot of time but I received the message “The dashboard belongs to plugin PMM.”

I feel that having a row for each node visible would slow down Grafana as more hosts are added.

How can I remove those rows or disable that?

Thank you.

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Hi @dopessoa ,

How many hosts are you monitoring?

Which PMM version do you use?

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Hi @adivinho ,

Around 300 hundred.

We are using 2.12 for the server and our agents are mostly running 2.11.1 and 2.12.0, but we have a few running 2.10.0.

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You should create a copy of the home dashboard and set rows to collapsed state.

Please place it into General folder or any your folder.

Set two top rows into a collapsed state and save the dashboard.


Mark the dashboard as a favorite dashboard


Set this dashboard as “Home Dashboard”

So now your users will have this dashboard as the main default dashboard.

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Thanks! Very helpfull for first page load experience.

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Hi @adivinho , sorry for my lack fo return. I have been out of the office.

When I tried copying the dashboard I’ve received this error:

413 Request Entity Too Large

413 Request Entity Too Large

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Hi @dopessoa

Looks like it’s due to amount of monitored instances.

Please select one node on the dashboard and save the dashboard.


It should allows to “Save dashboard as…” to a new dashboard.

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Thank you very much @adivinho! Worked as a charm.

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You should consider this in advance, many companies use hundreds or thousands of mysql instances, in such a scenario, opening the home dashboard will cause the page to get stuck. I don’t know what’s the point of showing all instances in home dashboard, are you targeting users who only use PMM for a few dozen database monitoring?

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