Community to Percona exact same version still mysql_upgrade? or not.

Hello everyone,

Simple question yet I’ve been unable to find anything really solid as an answer.

Short background - I have several Production boxes running RHEL 5.8; the VAR I was using provided me a custom compiled version of MySQL 5.1.49 ( but still packaged as RPMs )… which kept crashing under heavy load ( ~3k QPS ) ( and bit of time on google implied I hit a known bug that needed a newer MySQL 5.1.x ) - yet my VAR for months now has not been able to deliver…


I gave up on the VAR; downloaded the RPMs for MySQL Community 5.1.66. Shutdown MySQL 5.1.49 - did the old - rpm -Uvh - thing… ( as I verified all file/directories between Custom 5.1.49 and Community 5.1.66 matched ) - i.e. I used Community 5.1.66 to overwrite all existing binaries.

Restarted MySQL now 5.1.66 - ran mysql_upgrade… and voila - all was good…


No more crashes… But now it seems like I have a “bursty” system ( fast… slow… fast… slow… etc, VERY ANNOYING )… so I want off this Community thing - and onto Percona.

So here’s the question.

I downloaded the RPMs for Percona 5.1.66.

I’m currently on MySQL Community 5.1.66.

Can I just shutdown Community 5.1.66 - do the rpm -Uvh - onto Percona 5.1.66 - and restart MySQL - and I’m good?

Or… do I need to run - mysql_upgrade? As I am staying on the exact same version of MySQL. In this case 5.1.66.

And now that I’m thinking about it…

I have a mix of MyISAM, Memory, and InnoDB tables.

DO I need to do anything interesting to make these work with Percona Server 5.1.66? I keep seeing that Percona uses XtraDB that is an advanced version of Innodb? SO… do I need to alter the existing Innodb tables to use - XtraDB engine instead?

Or does Percona Server - just know that when someone wants the InnoDB Engine - it just internally uses the XtraDB engine instead?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Mysqld_upgrade or alter table is not necessary; it will use XtraDB right away on your InnoDB tables. You can always go back to vanilla MySQL as long as you don’t use any of the features mentioned in html

Thanks for the quick response, and great info.

I’ve moved my other question about RHEL or CentOS rpm upgrade process moved to it’s own thread:

“RHEL or CentOS - upgrade process community to percona or…”